All of our papers are made from 100% Organic rice paper and burn slowly with no ash.

The glue is all natural Arabic Gum for a perfect seal every time.

Most importantly Dreadfully Kind papers never interfere with the flavor of your experience.

Our papers are available in 3 sizes.

Small: 1.25” (32mm) W, 2.75” (70mm) L (50 Sheets)

Medium: 1.75 (44mm) W x 3” (76mm) L (40 Sheets)

Kind (Large): 1.75” (44mm) W x 4.25” (108mm) L (32 Sheets)

Box (Any Size): Contains 50 Packs of Papers

Dreadfully Kind Branded Papers Costs are:

5 Packs $15.00

10 Packs $20.00

Box (50 Packs) $50.00

We also make the best quality co-branded custom papers.

Custom Co-Branded Papers:

1000 Packs (20 Boxes) Minimum Order $950

Dreadfully Kind Rolling Papers
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DK State Rolling Papers (more coming soon)
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DK Co-Branded Rolling Papers (more coming soon)
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Custom Co-Branded Rolling Papers for your event, store, band, company, etc. 
All you do is fill out our form, send us your high res image, color scheme and any Text (URL, Email, Phrase, etc., and we do the rest. We will send you an email proof for your approval. Once approved we will send an invoice with payment info and your Rolling Papers will be in your hands in 8 weeks or less.
1000 PACK MINIMUM (20 Boxes) 
$950 + Tax (CA Only)

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