Dreadfully Kind Info Sheet

Why is the philosophy of kindness so crucial to saving commercial cannabis from ‘unkind’ corporations? Dreadfully Kind believes that mind-expanding therapeutic and recreational experiences are a dynamic part of human evolution. Although the concept of cannabis has only recently been introduced to the world of enterprise, it has been a social practice, a soulful practice, and a method of healing for thousands of years.

Dreadfully Kind philosophy exalts quality and service above all. This brand exists to provide excellent products and impeccable concierge service. In our years of experience in the industry we have a great record of customer retention. Corporations are extremely good at reducing costs. Economies of scale leading to low prices are not what we need. Craft breweries and farm-to-table restaurants create high quality products that customers are happy to pay for. Cannabis connoisseurs have a similar appreciation for quality.

With Dreadfully Kind you are guaranteed that you will have our top local strains, extracts available in those markets.


In order to stand for quality, we had to establish a rating system for that standard. The individual consumer experience, whether therapeutic or recreational, is always subjective. It is crucial to have a framework to organize these subjective feelings. The knowledge of the strains’ genetic history and first hand data collected over decades combined with the subjective customer reaction is our system to rate the product for quality.
Product Quality Rating System

There are three important components to creating a product that will receive customer approval.

  • Genetics (mother plant and clones)
  • Growing process (clone to harvest)
  • Curing process (harvest to sale)

At the moment most legal cannabis growing is of a very high standard. Unfortunately, because of the sub-standard genetics and curing processes the effect of the product will be short lived. Growers’ high standards and hard work could lead to a product that smells and tastes great but does not satisfy the consumer. Dreadfully Kind’s master grower with his archive of cannabis genetics and artisanal curing process elevates us from the others in the industry.


Most commercial cannabis are grown from clones. These clones are second generation or later. As the number of replication of generations increase, the quality of the product decreases. After four or five generations the flavor and aroma of the cannabis is diminished. This unfortunate outcome leads seed breeders to cross strains in order to revitalize the product. The progeny of these crossbred strains are never as potent as either of its parent. The phenomenon of strain hunters has evolved out of this need to return to foundational genetics. Dreadfully Kind’s master grower has successfully preserved these foundational strains. Over the last 20 years we have added to our collection when we find strains of comparable quality. We believe that six strains to choose from is sufficient variety. Two Sativa dominant strains, two 50/50 hybrid strains and two Indica dominant strains provide enough variety for even the most exacting connoisseur. All hybrid strains of cannabis share so much of the same genetics that a lot of these ‘new strains’ are more like a fruit salad than a new fruit. We focus more on the therapeutic and recreational experience that the consumer is specifically looking for. Facilitating that precise experience is our goal. Dreadfully Kind cannabis strains score 3 out of 3 for heirloom quality strains.


The growing process is done universally at quite a high standard. Growers started moving indoors in the early 1980s because of Reagan’s war on drugs and the spraying of outdoor crops by the US Military. Growers found strains like Skunk #1 and Northern Lights x Haze, developed for growing outdoors in California by Dutch breeders, did extremely well indoors. Because growing any plants indoors has the same advantages and pitfalls, knowledge from regular commercial farming and gardening is applicable and readily available. Most cannabis available through legal outlets would score 3 out of 3 for the growing process. The skill of the grower is limited by the quality of the genetic material they are working with. Dreadfully Kind’s master grower will oversee the growing process from start to finish, ensuring consistent high quality products.


Dreadfully Kind gets 3 out of 3 for the curing process because we understand that 50% of the product potency can be lost in this final step. The ratio of water to THC in the buds affects the experience of the consumer. Curing is more than a drying process. It is more comparable to aging cheese. This is the area where there is least amount of knowledge in the industry because shortening the time between harvest and sale reduces cost. Details of the Dreadfully Kind curing process are carefully guarded but we can guarantee our continued focus will be on the quality of the end product, no matter how long it takes. This long curing process is another reason why Dreadfully Kind will only focus on six strains. Due to our extensive market research and experience we can predict what cannabis strains customers will choose. This knowledge informs our planning for growing in the future.



(Available in King-Size, 1.25 & Small)

King Size











Co-Branding Affiliates:

Industrial Strength Records

Rumpke Mountain Boys

Spiritual Rez

Restless Leg String Band

Green Grass Dispensaries Central City, CO


Dreadfully Kind Dispensaries, Grow Facilities, Social Clubs & Music Venues in Southern California

Currently in legal process are:

3 Dispensaries & Growing Licenses with 1 potential location at Sound Factory Studios on Selma in Hollywood.

Social Clubs and Music Venues to be in compliance with the laws.

Dreadfully Kind Social Club in Denver Colorado

We have chosen Denver for a Cannabis Social club because of its reputation for quality lifestyle and progressive 300 social club pilot program approved in November 2016. The first Social clubhouse will be a branding tool for Dreadfully Kind worldwide. The Denver Social clubhouse will be the prototype for opening clubhouses in other states like Maine and California.

In addition to a social club we will also be opening a food truck so we can have by the social club and be able to serve our patrons and the community with high quality, healthy, locally sourced affordable food options for everyone.

Dreadfully Kind Social Club in Portland Maine

Dreadfully Kind, LLC is investing in a 10,000 sq. ft. property in South Portland, ME to convert into a multi-faceted event space and cannabis social club. This converted church/school/rectory compound offers a variety of spaces for events, food and beverage service and leasing space for retailers. This venue will accommodate live music performances, weddings, events, a restaurant, artist installations and small local businesses.  We see this space as an integral part of the up-and-coming community of South Portland.

Building Sq Ft Capacity Function
Church – Main Level 6000 Sq Ft Up to 1,000 ppl Music Venue
Church – Main Level 6000 Sq Ft 600 Sit Down, 1,000 Standing Event space
Church – Lower Level 4,500 Sq Ft 150 ppl Farm-to-Table restaurant
Church – Lower Level 4,500 Sq Ft Up to 200 ppl Event Space
School House 3 Separate 1,000 Sq Ft spaces 50 ppl per room Dreadfully Kind Social Club and Lounge
Rectory Guest Accommodations 6 Bedroom/5 Bath Offices and Residence
Outdoor 4,000 Sq Ft 300 ppl Beer garden/outdoor event space
Parking 40 Space Parking Lot

Operationally Dreadfully Kind will offer:

  • Farm-to-table food service
  • Beer and wine
  • Venues for private events as well as live musical performances
  • On site dispensary
  • Catering in-house and subcontracted staffing for any and all events
  • Sound recording for all live shows
  • Weekly farmers’ market

Sales booth franchise

Dreadfully Kind will establish one physical location in each legal state. We will supply customers by a combination of sales booths or directly by mail. Franchise owners will receive 20% of gross sales and will be responsible for maintaining and restocking their booths. Club members will be able to access the booth by using their membership cards. Video links inside these booths would allow a ‘budtender’ to assist. These booths will serve not only as a convenience to members but also as advertising vehicles for other products.

Farmers’ franchise

We will have a franchise targeted at farmers. All cash crops face the same main disadvantage. Farmers are at the mercy of the wholesaler. Each farmer has to sell in bulk to a wholesaler at whatever price the wholesaler wants to pay. Now, technology can put the retail customer in direct contact with the farmer using Dreadfully Kind to complete the exchange. Farmers want to produce the best possible cannabis and can do so as long as they are collecting the revenue they need to continue farming.


Cannabis is a part of so many artists’ creative process. Removing the cannabis use stigma is also their responsibility. Having your own custom rolling papers is the first step towards our goal of equality with alcohol consumers.

You will find us where creativity springs from the hearts of artists, where wellness evolves to wholeness and where artisanal production is abundant with connoisseur quality. Our culture is transcending to a higher philosophy. We are free to enjoy our lives.

Evoking inspiration, sociability, community, well being, spirituality, joy, and abundance, the Dreadfully Kind lifestyle thrives on elevating the experience of the mind, body and soul. Dreadfully Kind rolling papers are our first co-branded product.

“Roll Models” share their creative process

High Minded Sounds


Uncle Bill’s Buds

Industrial Strength Records

The Roots

Rumpke Mountain Boys

Spiritual Rez

Restless Leg String Band

DJ Lea Luna


Cannabis is the medicine that has been used the highest number of times by the largest number of people over the greatest period of time. We know we can trust 5000 years of human consumption.


Physical fitness


Spiritual practices

Helping others be well


Mental Health

Management Summary

Alexander McFall

Alexander has been a chef for thirty years. He started as an apprentice when he was 16 years old, at Seaview Hotel on the Isle of Wight. At 21 he moved to New York City and worked in every part of the food service industry before ultimately becoming a restaurant consultant, focusing on optimal solutions and operations to drive profitable and reputable dining experiences. Alexander’s vast experience leaves him unfazed in the face of new endeavors. The first restaurant he opened was Rice, a small plate restaurant, which was unheard of at the time but now dominates Manhattan restaurant culture. He was tapped to open restaurants in London as well. Ashbell’s, a South Carolina Barbecue restaurant is one example of Alex’s successful London endeavors. He also worked at the former Stone Rose atop the Time Warner Center Building. “Every job has different challenges but my job is to find solutions, even if that means buying grits from Harrods.”

Recently he has been working steadily for a catering company and a family restaurant in the theatre district. Pergola des Artiste has been serving up French bistro food in a timely fashion for more than 50 years. He has also been involved in updating their menu and training the staff.

Alex, his wife and son Mitchel live in the South Bronx and are avid Yankee fans.

Jim Welch/Damon Zwirn

Jim Welch and Damon Zwirn are 30-year music/entertainment industry veterans with experience ranging from record labels Sony, BMG, Atlantic, Arista. To music publishers Universal, EMI/SonyATV, as well as New England based booking agencies/concert promoters, such as Pretty Polly Productions, Don Law Presents and Tufts University Concerts to name a few.

James Black

James Black resides in Portland, Maine where he has been managing nightclubs, local and world touring bands for over eleven years.  He is experienced in all facets of artist management including travel logistics, lighting, sound, catering, set design, production management, sound recording, post processing, mastering, cooking, and is a counselor, mediator and Sherpa.

Alvaro Quintas

Mr. Quintas is a highly experienced private banker, having worked in the industry for 25 years.  He started his career in sales at JP Morgan Chase then moved on to managerial and more senior roles with banks like —-

His diverse banking experience includes special projects such as the migration of services and relationships across jurisdictions, intercompany mergers, implementation of new core banking and trust systems, as well as the operational aspects of the offshore private banking units. He also has experience dealing directly with high net worth individuals and setting up customized investment and fiduciary structures.

His current ongoing projects include a successful launch of a new restaurant in Cayman, a farming project in Brazil and directorships for Brazilian high net worth individuals.

He holds a BA Degree in Economics from Wheaton College, Massachusetts where he graduated with honors and speaks three languages fluently (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

Lea Luna

A Denver native, Lea is the Denver flag bearer for Dreadfully Kind. She is a professional DJ, event promoter, and influencer with a knack for brand management and an ear to the ground on the social cannabis front. With over 18 years experience in music business through multiple projects, Lea also contributes as a press writer, a brand ambassador, and a scene cultivator for the place where music and cannabis culture are connected. She also teaches yoga and has a fervent interest in the wellness side of cannabis use in all of its forms, and continues to explore and research the benefits of consumption as a healing element for the body, mind and spirit.

Industrial Strength Records

Doing it since 1991!

Infamous Hardcore /Techno label founded by pioneer hardcore legend Lenny Dee. ISR unleashed it’s first 12 inch – PCP’s Crews ‘Mescalinium United’ – on an unsuspecting world back in 1991.

As the first Hardcore label in the world and one of the first electronic labels in the USA, the following Artist have appeared on the label – Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, Manu Le Malin, Tony Thomas, The Mover, Cirillo, Casper Pound and Neil McLellan (The Prodigy’s producer).

ISR has also featured artists such as Oliver Chelser (‘The Horrorist”), Nasenbluten, Manu le Malin, Unexist, John Selway and Delta 9

And has recent releases from Satronica, Stormtrooper, Australia’s Tymon, Moshpit, Broken Rules & Fiend and many more

ISR’s Sub-Labels include: Industrial Strength Limited, IST, Hard Electronic, Bastard Loud Records, Industrial Movement, Lenny Dee Records, High Density Recordings, House Without a Home, Ruff Beats, Industrial Strength Europe, Mental Venom and Machete.

Uncle Bill’s Buds

Uncle Bill has been perfecting his strains since 1989.  As a result he has become a master of his craft.  He is an upstanding member of the community and a family man as well.  He is currently working on securing licenses for the new grow/retail spaces in southern California

Uncle Bill’s Buds Instagram